Lost Without Color

Monday, April 27, 2015

I have a new found affinity for agate necklaces. Occasionally I will search for the hashtag, #agatenecklace, on Instagram to find shops that sell unique pieces. One such designer, Lost Without Color, is one of my finds - and now a favorite shop on my Etsy feed. What I particularly like about this designer is that each piece contains multiple colors. Some of the necklaces even have color combinations you wouldn't normally think of, such as the necklace I purchased which combines the colors brown and blue. 

I currently have my eye on two more chocker-esque necklaces - I think one of them will make its way into my closet very soon.

*Collages created by Gabriela Monsanto. All photographs taken from Lost Without Color.


Norbyah said...

Check out @krimarino for agate jewelery. I found her on Rockaway Beach last summer and I bought a bracelet that has rough cut agate on it. She's based somewhere there locally.

Collections said...

@Norbyah Nolasco - thank you for the suggestion. I will definitely check her out!

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