Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sorbet and I have become close friends. 

Not surprisingly, a dairy allergy means sorbet, and little else, for dessert. When I first discovered my dairy allergy I ate a lot of raspberry and mango Haagen Dazs sorbet. 

That got old very quickly. 

It seems though that the world of sorbet is much more sophisticated than I originally thought. Sorbabes, appropriately tag-lined, "gourmet sorbet", has a lot of fun sorbet flavors. My personal favorite is the banana chocolate peanut butter. What I really appreciate about this brand is that the flavors are unique and, most importantly, tasty

I thought my dairy allergy would do a number on my dessert choices but I'm happy to report that I have yet to go dessert-less. 

*All photographs taken from Sorbabes.

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The Sorbabes said...

Thanks for such an awesome shout out! If you would like to offer your readers a trial of Sorbabes let us know and we'll try to work something out. Either way, welcome to the family Sorbabe Sister! Nicole Cardone, Co-Founding Sorbabe

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