Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I am shocked by the price of clothing. I'm not sure if my taste has gotten more expensive or if clothes are actually going up in price. I had been lusting after the IRO Delfina sweater, however, the steep price tag made my heart skip a beat. I even found the Outnet's discounted price of $168.75 too high. Feeling down in the dumps, and constantly refreshing the Outnet to see if there were any promotions, I was getting nowhere

When I first came across the Delfina I had checked Forever 21 for more reasonably priced alternatives. Unfortunately the site didn't have anything that looked similar to the sweater. Just yesterday, however, I was browsing through the holiday sale on Piperlime and I came across the JOA sweater featured above. I could not believe my eyes, the resemblance to my beloved Delfina was almost identical. I had absolutely no hesitations when I purchased the JOA sweater - I'm still in awe of the deal I scored! 

*Collage created by Gabriela Monsanto. 


Norbyah said...

I'm with you. Clothes are getting more expensive, and like you, I think that looking fashionable should not be reserved for people with money to afford those expensive pieces. I love these posts, so keep doing them! Finding a good deal is a major score!
Happy Holidays, dear!

Collections said...

@norbyah - thank you! I love a good deal as well which is why these specific posts are so fun to do.

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