Fall Wishlist Part 2

Monday, August 12, 2013

1. Asos, 2. Vans, 3. LL Bean, 4. Quay, 5. Eileen Fisher, 6. Jack Rogers 

I have been non stop unpacking and I've realized something, I have too much crap.
Honestly, I had to stop sorting through clothes last night because I was disgusted

Why,you ask, am I posting a wishlist?

Because I have a new philosophy on shopping and clothing.

The first one being I am to never buy another sweater again in my life (the apartment is overflowing with heavy knits).

The second thing is that when I buy something I want it to be a classic, high quality piece that I can wear for a long, long time.

Take numbers 3 and 5. While they are sweaters (cringe) they are investment pieces that I can wear for years. A classic LL Bean fisherman sweater will never go out of style and Eileen Fisher clothing is of the highest quality.

I did opt to buy the Quay sunglasses I wrote about previously because I had been eyeing the style for quite some time.

I think, for now, I will hold off on buying anymore shoes. As my mom told me last week, "it is possible to have too many shoes". 
However, I do think these Vans and Jack Rodgers are staples for any wardrobe.

Screw the dress (#1). 
I definitely don't need that. 

The third, and last thing, is advice given by Barbs. If I buy something new I should give away or throw away another item. This is definitely sage advice as I don't think my apartment or BF can take one more additional item without something else leaving.

*Collage created by me.


The Photogramps said...

Preach, sista! I'm with you on the whole "unpacking and being disgusted with yourself thing"

Seriously. Sometimes I just look at piles of clothes on the floor and tell myself I should just throw the whole damn thing away. Without digging through!

Love your wish list! I'm a sucker for a good cable knit too!


sorelle in style said...

Omg I have the same sweater problem, but still bought a new sweater at H&M today! Will definitely take your mom's advice, too - my closet is literally overflowing.

sorelle in style

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