Sunday 7.28

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Necklace 1: Forever 21, Necklace 2: David Yurman, Jacket: American Eagle, Tank: Forever 21, Pants: Uniqlo, Shoes: Salt Water, Bag: Balenciaga

Our moving date is finally upon us.
The BF and I are headed to a one bedroom this Thursday! 

While I'm incredibly excited, I also feel beyond stressed about packing (only to unpack again). However, remembering all the closets, and that wonderful thing you call a door, makes me giddy.

No more sports for this girl!

*Photographs taken by the BF.


Chloƫ, Wardrobe Quarry said...

Those pants are super stylish.

Wardrobe Quarry

Unknown said...

Love it! So cute. I'm so glad I found your following :)

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monica said...

aww good luck with your move! thats such an exciting new start :)

Unknown said...

loving the sandals!

Marlen said...

yaaay good luck with moving! one of my favorite tips EVER is to not pack up your closet clothes, but to leave them on hangers and put a garbage bag under them while they're hanging, and then tying the bag so the hanger heads stick out. it makes unpacking SO easy! and love this outfit, it's such a fun and creative mix!

xo marlen
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Pardon My Fashion said...

Loooove those camo pants with that navy infusion...fresh.

xoxo Britt

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