The Four Seasons

Monday, June 17, 2013

In my family we celebrate everything with good food (particularly holidays). 
While I couldn't be with my papa for Father's Day, I hear they had a fabulous meal, as only fitting of a Monsanto. 

I could think of no better way to honor my dad than posting about one of my parent's favorite restaurants in the city, The Four Seasons
(While we love the Four Seasons hotel, this restaurant is of no relation). 

The best part? 
They give cotton candy for dessert, and have been doing so ever since I can remember! 

*Photographs taken by me. 


Unknown said...

there's no better way to celebrate something than with good food - and family of course! Sorry you couldn't be with your pops, but it's nice being able to think about the little things that make him, him!

Lady à la Mode

The Photogramps said...

This post makes me miss my fam. We're always celebrating around a table too. Cotton candy for dessert!? Good GOD, sugar coma.

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