Everything is Illuminated

Thursday, May 16, 2013

This is one of those books that everyone recommends. I told my bestie I was reading it and she said, "OMG that's one of my favorite books".

I, on the other hand, feel differently.

I am not illuminated. 
Dare I say that I'm actually de-luminated

De-luminated to the point that I'm actually incredibly confused. 
I think that that word best describes this book for me, confusion

I'm pretty sure it took me about 100 pages to figure out what a Shetl was (and that word is used in almost every other sentence). 

Did I laugh when Alex wrote broken english and overused the word, "spleen"? 
Of course. 

Do I ever want to hear the word "spleen" ever again in my life?
Of course not. 

What I can say about this book is that it is literally a piece of art. 
 I often found myself thinking, "oh, this is pretty". 

However, do I want to read artwork? 
Not particularly. 

In the end I am immensely happy to be on to the next book (although that one is lagging too).

George R.R. Martin, please spare me this pain and just come out with the next Game of Thrones already.

I dream of reading the 6th book. 
I even find myself reading my current book and thinking about Game of Thrones.

It's that serious. 


Keit said...

I find very often that most books are highly overrated. Most of the "best" are just "meh", I really don't know why people love them so much!

Unknown said...

sorry man, for the bad recommendation :(

I liked it. haha

Try reading Stargirl.
it's my favorite book from my childhood, and the only book I've read more than once.

or don't. considering my bad advice last time :-/


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