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Monday, March 11, 2013

Beanie: Urban Outfitters, Blouse: Eileen Fisher, Tee: Splendid, Bag: Proenza Schouler, Leggings: Madewell, Boots: Zara, Necklace: DIY

I'm debating on whether or not to disable my comments. I'd love to have a dialogue on the blog but I feel that no matter what questions I ask they aren't answered. Don't get me wrong I am absolutely not offended by the lack of comments but maybe since there aren't any I should just cancel the possibility altogether?

I've come to terms with the fact that I am no Man Repeller. No matter how hard I try my blog will not be a forum for discussion because when it comes down to it, I'm really not philosophical enough on the day to day.

For those of you who do comment, I read (and treasure) each and every one you write. This post is in no way a reflection of those who do write. It's more a question on whether or not comments are needed at all.

Does the amount of comments you receive reflect the quality of content or popularity of a blog?

I'm not sure it does.

When Pink Horroshow disabled her comments I found it refreshing.

Maybe it's time for that type of refresh button on my blog as well.

Food for thought.

Photographs taken by the BF


Mostly Lisa said...

I often feel the same way with my own blog. I hardly get any comments, but I guess I have to live with it. I think if you have a passion for it though, keep on doing it. I love your blog and all your OOTD posts. I'll keep reading even if you do disable comments.

Mostly Lisa

Unknown said...

LOVE those boots! I need them!

Lady à la Mode

Unknown said...

I think sometimes there can be a certain refreshing quality in that you don't feel obligated to say something relevant in response. Because - lets face it, sometimes you just want to gawk.

But I sort of like the ability to commen ton your posts. I know i always feel a sense of loss on your sponsored posts for which I don't get to leave a comment.

I've really liked your little anecdotes of late, and I like to hear little snippets of your life - philosophical or not.

I guess doing that doesn't require the ability to comment - so if that's what makes you comfortable, go for it.

I'll still tweet you 20 times a week, though, so no avoiding me


Tanya said...

I feel the same way, but I think in today's day and age it is better to let people speak out and comment. May be one of 10 comments will be turn out to be 'real'
I like the bag! Red lipstick is so addictive, isnt it?


Keit said...

I think the problem is not you, or blogs in particular, but in people who read it. I've had a lot of posts, that end up with comments like "cool, follow each other", "nice blog" etc. But this never made me disable the comments section, because there are few people who actually do read what I write, and reply :) Don't disable the comments, leave them for people who care :)

Unknown said...

You look gorgeous, nice dress.

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Rakel said...

Love your look! :):)

Unknown said...

I kind of want to double-comment just to be obnoxious and make you change your mind.

And to answer your question (after realizing that I didn't and thus negating the effectiveness of my plea), I don't think comments reflect the quality or content or popularity at all.

They certainly CAN (man repeller, etc), but I know a lot of blogs that have HUGE followings, and don't really receive very many comments. Sometimes,there's not much to say.Sometimes, saying something is irrelevant. I mean, how often can you leave a comment saying "I LOVE this outfit," or "this is beautiful" or "you're so perfect I want to be you"

(well, if you're me, 10,000 billion times, alas...)

It is an interesting thign, though. Especially since TMR has essentially become a forum for discussion for blabbermouths like myself.


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