Monday, March 4, 2013

Collar: Jewelmint, Sweatshirt: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony, Pants: Zara, Shoes: J. Crew, Clutch: 3.1 Phillip Lim

I had one of those days. While I appreciate that my doctor is open so early, it really is damn early. 

Riding the subway home I was feeling really down after a not so great work day. Not to mention, I finished my book (without even knowing it was coming to an end... I have a kindle). With a long subway ride home, and no book to distract me, I was feeling pretty shitty. 

I got home, and expressed my woes to the BF, to which he responded, "Who cares? You need to grow some balls". And while some may not find that advice encouraging, it seems it's exactly what the doctor ordered. 

You know what else made me smile? Reading your comments from yesterday's post and realizing that I am not the only one who doesn't want to cook. It's refreshing to hear that not everyone makes such delicious looking meals as you see on most of the blogs. 
Other normal people do exist, and I'm loving it. 

To spice things up the BF and I decided to go out to dinner tonight instead of ordering in. 

No clean up required.


Unknown said...

I'm sorry you had such a blah sort of day. We all have them! I know what you mean about home cooking - I love to cook, especially something that has leftovers because then the rest of the week is pretty easy! If you make something on Sunday (like a stew) you can have a lot of it during the week and make rice or steamed veggies to go with it! Easy and delish! But, I have to admit, there's something about ordering take-out... and there's NOTHING like those leftovers :)

Lady à la Mode

Evi Mili said...

so unique look!nice pants!

ThePieHole said...

lovely your sweat and pants!!!!
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far and wild jewelry said...

for having a not so great day you sure look great doing it! love the sweatshirt and that jewelmint collar is super cute.


Unknown said...

It's a fact of life that a shitty day is followed by the opposite.

So hooray for tomorrow (today?) being awesome blossom.

Sorry about the bumsville, though. finishing a book unexpectedly is THE WORST. so unfulfilling. like the death of a pet.

on the BRIGHT side: This is one of my favorite outfits in a while. love the combo of grey with the print, and the who silhouette is super cool. need some gouchos like that.

Feel better, and I hope din din was fab fab


Norbyah said...

thinking of you and your health woes, and bad day in general. i love your BF's advice, sounds very much like something my hubby would say. sound advice. no nonsense bullshit kind of stuff. i have to agree with everyone else, this outfit is totally fab....the mix of the casual sweatshirt with the pants and that jeweled collar, the clutch. wow.
hope you had a nice dinner out. a change of pace (and scene) is always good for the soul, too.

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