Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beanie: J. Crew, Top: J. Crew (men's), Jeans: Uniqlo, Bag: Alexander Wang, Sneakers: Converse

I can't keep up with all you bloggers who have constant thoughts and witty philosophical opinions. 

Sometimes a girl is just tired.

Sometimes there's nothing to say. 

And sometimes all I want to do is dream of cupcakes I cannot have. 


Quote authors I will never be as eloquent as.


Dress like I live in Brooklyn... when I don't.



cute outfit, loving the bag and beanie!


♥ Ellen
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Anonymous said...

Think I'm part of those girls who rarely have philosophical stuff to say, I'm more of a I want cup cakes girl ha ha. Love the red beanie, is a cute pop of color!

Cee. ♥

Keit said...

Phahaha, don't worry we all have days like these, or weeks, or even months :D
Love the cute sneakers and beanie! ^^

Alela Sirah said...

Really cute and casual!

Heather said...

awesome lipstick!

Unknown said...

It's ok, you look cool enough to counteract any nothingness.

Also sort of love the relaxed vibe of your post. a nice relief for someone who over-thinks everything. And I'm sure you can be as eloquent as you want, you probably just use all your brain power up in a job you love - nothing wrong there.

ADOREEEEE the beanie look on you!
Seriously, it suits you really well. Your hair looks awesome, and I just dig this whole thing. I know beanies are a trend, but you have embraced it and made it your own.


Unknown said...

ps: I think admitting you don't feel like over-analyzing fashion and just letting be what will be is philosophical in itself

Dark Blue Stripes said...

Loving the stripes paired with that beanie. The gorgeous studded Wang bag candy your are carrying tops it all off.

Christie x

Dark Blue Stripes

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