Animal Warmth

Thursday, January 24, 2013

 Gloves: 2020Ave

I participated in a #stylinwinter Twitter party the other night with @EileenFisher and @ShivaRose1. During the festivities @EileenFisher asked:

Followers: What's your secret to staying warm & stylish during the cold winter months? 

And I answered with: 

 fashionable gloves and coats! 

I haven't taken off my panda gloves since the temps dropped. 
What could be more stylish than mice and pandas?

BTW, both sets of mittens are lined with fleece.
Need I say more? 


    Unknown said...

    You need not.

    Keit said...

    Whaaa, everything looks cuter if it's in the form of a panda ^_^
    Panda rules!

    Slađi said...

    So inspirational post!

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