Joie Scallops

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunglasses: c/o Firmoo
Necklace: Ann Taylor
Blouse: Joie
Jeans: American Eagle
Bag; J. Crew
Sneakers: Liberty x Nike

You know what I dislike about fashion? I feel like I'm back in high school and there are popular girls and not so popular girls. I was a nerd. Albeit, a well dressed nerd, but a nerd none-the-less. I must admit when I went to Lucky Fabb I had that nerd-esque feeling all over again. I was in wedge sneakers and thrift, while everyone else was in designer and stilettos. As much as I hate the feeling of standing out, I love it as well. I think I would absolutely hate being the same as everyone else. I'm happy to admit that I'm obsessed with Harry Potter, Emma Watson and Game of Thrones. Nothing makes me happier than dreaming of my next trip to Disney World.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm made for blogging because I'm awkward in social situations (small talk over hors d'oeuvres is not my thing) and then I realize that maybe that's what makes blogging so perfect. I represent "the others". 

This is the real me. 

My trip to HP world last year was not only the highlight of 2011 but one of the highlights of my LIFE.

Guess what else? I prefer wedge sneakers over heels ANY day. 

This is geek chic at its finest. 

Left to Right: Poshlocket, David Yurman, BaubleBar, Tiffanys, Eswera


Jamie said...

Ohmygod, you need to meet my best friend. She went to some huge HP event at HP world last year, and it was like the best time of her life, and she is having her bachelorette party at Disneyworld. She doesn't watch Game of Thrones because she doesn't have cable, though...

Caroline said...

Yay for individuality! I love Harry Potter - visiting HP World was definitely one of the top moments of my life... am planning for my next visit ASAP! Also... obsessed with scallop hems...

Unknown said...



I feel like you're changing the world. Seriously. I am so glad you made this post - it make me feel so good, and seriously EVERYONE feels like this. I don't care how well you fake cool - no one's at ease with making themselves seem especially important.

Go Gaby. I have this giant grin on my face because I"m so fricken glad you've proclaimed your love for HPITTYYYYY. (among other more relevant things).



Briseidy said...

and this is why I like you and your blog.....need to go to HP world soon!

Unknown said...

This is why I LOVE you and your blog so much. You are just REAL. It is refreshing and fun and inspiring. I wondered how it would be to go to Fashion Week myself, wondering if I'd feel how you felt too. Next time, we should go together! We can nerd it out!

Btw also love that blouse!


far and wild jewelry said...

this is exactly what i've been feeling after looking at everyone's gorgeous photos from fashion week. but a big hell yes to you for not lamenting not being part of the in crowd and finding your own crowd! i'm sure you looked way better and way more confident than all those girls in their stilettos secretly freaking out about how they were going to walk in them. no one's good in social situations, it's all about finding the right people to bond over the awkwardness with. and it looks to me like you're in some good company! and profess your love for harry potter all you want, this outfit is pure chic!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous necklace and I love your bag :) x

Mica said...

Love your scallop top, it's great!

Wedges are comfier than stilettos anyway, wear them as much as you like. One of the good things about fashion, you can wear whatever you choose! :) No-one will get hurt if you are wearing something different :)

monica said...

love the scalloped edge of your top

Katherine said...

i love the scalloped edges on this blouse. they are the best. and your bag is super cute too.

i like sticking out a bit too. i like wearing dresses and the sound of heels on a grocery store floor. i like wearing hello kitty. and indeed - disney world is the best.

i think most people who are awkward in social situations are the best ones because they are geniune. they are awkward because they don't really know how to be fake - there are all types of awkward - shy, etc. there are exceptions, but i find that i am weird like that because i don't know how to just walk up to a random person for no reason (unless i like their outfit, then i can talk to them forever)

i love HP World too - did you love the butter beer?

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

.sabo skirt. said...

You look great with your top. The accessories were also amazing!

Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

Unknown said...

love the top!

Dave Hahn said...

omg i love

Lola said...

sneakers!! ♥

Evi Mili said...

love the combination of the sneakers with the bag!
great outfit!

alexsandra g. said...

Love your scalloped top x


Unknown said...

I'd take geek chic over head to toe designer any day! As a fellow awkward fashion blogger, I totally see where you're coming from. I really like the way you dress! It's refreshing and I love the mix of high and low, new and vintage. So I guess what I'm trying to say is I love your blog and stay true to your aesthetic because I love that too!

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