I'm Almost Not Crazy

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Necklace: Dannijo
T-Shirt: Stylemint
Blazer: LC for Kohls (similar style here)
Shoes: Forever 21

I'm a lover of patterned jeans. The BF always laughs when he sees them on me. I'm obsessed, and last I checked, there is no rehab for pattern overdose. You know what started me on my pattern downward spiral? These Current/Elliott jeans. When I saw they came in pastels for the summer I just had to have a pair.

What? I told you! I'm in love.

After reading what I've written, and looking at the title of this post, it all seems so appropriate.


Unknown said...

You're gorgeous. I love that collar. So chic

Valerie said...

amazing metal collar! I'm obsessed <3

Unknown said...

Obviously, I too, am obsessed with the metal collar.

But I believe you're quite aware of that already.

These jeans are awesome. I feel like they could make any outfit cool. Just throw a tee on and you look all fashion-forward and such.

I always wish things were full length, though. These look awesome on you - but cutoffs contort my body.

Your shirt's motto applies to my state of mind daily.


Stefania B. said...

love your jeans and your collar! Really cute!


Mica said...

Love the pastel jeans on you! And that tee has such a fun print :)


Unknown said...

so stinkin cute! love that pastel color!


Unknown said...

cute collar necklace

Jersey Blogess said...

wow - amazing collar - love it

Anne said...

Love that statement metal collar! Great outfit:)

Katia said...

Nice outfit! And by the way, I adore that Rebecca Minkoff bag below! So lucky! nice blog

Baby Budget Blog said...

LOVE that collar!


Jessica said...

they are super cute, the pattern is still subtle so i don't think you are going too overboard!


g.ta said...

cool outfit!! =`)

Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

I love that blazer, totally jazzes everything up! Gorgeous! xx

Jainmaid said...

Great Header!


les jolies said...

your collar is fantastic.

From Paris with love!

Jasmine Sinclair said...

I love the pants!! Thank you for the comment at FJWL! I will definitely be looking for some floral pattern jeans at the places you suggested! I love the collar!

samecookiesdifferent said...

the necklace is really stunning! <3
X the cookies

The Marcy Stop said...

Great jeans! I love the subtle print!

Antonella C’est Moi said...

Amazing jeans and collar

Giovanna said...

Loving that tee!! I really need to check stylemint out! lol


Sophie said...

The collar is amazing - a really great look!



Take me to Tarah said...

HI Gaby,
What i love about this outfit:
The mixing of simple with galmorous. Simple tee with metallic shoes and I love your collar necklace.
And Great bag Gabi!
Tarah and the City

Morgan Brooks said...

You look gorgeous love! I am so obsessed with your lip color!

TootieFrootie said...

Those mint jeans look absolutely adorable, esp with the lipstick, love this look on you <3

Beauty Follower said...

Nice outfit!

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