Thursday, April 12, 2012

Earrings: Dannijo
Sweater: J. Crew
Skirt: Ever (similar style here)
Boots: Zara
Belt: J. Crew

I scored this chunky sweater from J. Crew on super sale. I'm definitely a fan of kelly green so this was a great purchase. I went to J. Crew after work today and I could not believe how pricey it's gotten. I picked up a skirt that was over 500 dollars... I normally don't even touch (literally) clothes that expensive!

I have to say my J. Crew obsession has subsided. Listen, I still love the clothes but lets get real here; I'm poor, and 500 dollar skirts just ain't gonna fly. Old Navy here I come.


Jamie Anthony said...

nice sweater!

Unknown said...

I am starting to get obsessed with this blog. You have the coolest fricken style ever.

You're going to get so annoyed at my endless comments. But I seriously love everything about this!

Of course, Dannijo is my dream - but never will I ever afford their stuff. So these earrings are heavenly. But the way you put everything together is so playful yet chique.

Love love.


DailyGlamour said...


Chelsea Finn said...

If only J. Crew was cheaper! I definitely know how you feel. And I love this entire look. That is such a cute pleated skirt!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

The Suburb Experiment said...

Those earrings are AMAZING. Seriously.

The Suburb Experiment

Marise said...

I love how the sweater goes with your eye color! You look gorgeous :)

Unknown said...

wow wow wow! this maybe my NEW favorite outfit! love how you styled it and you just look so so pretty!


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