A Dash of Red and a Hint of Missoni

Monday, December 5, 2011

Technology is actually incredible. I am currently on the train home from Harvard and I'm able to post... so cool.

Isn't my apartment stunning? Mom, take a deep breath in, the blinds were fixed, no need for panic or hysterical phone calls. Although, messed up it does make for an interesting backdrop...

Like my earrings? They're one of my DIY projects that I will be posting in the near future... very Joanna Hillman-esque... no? 

 DIY earrings, Missoni for Target dress, Balenciaga bag, Zara shoes 

 Highlights of my Day Include: 

1) Enjoying the perks of the Acela 
2) Eating a most delicious sandwich in Cambridge (goat cheese, walnuts, rosemary and honey... who knew)
3) My imminent arrival at home where the BF and I will watch endless episodes of Private Practice... or PP as he calls it 


Unknown said...

cute red earrings!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

GiuliaC_Sparkly Fashion said...

You look great! Love your red earrings... and your bag is just amazing!!! you're even more beautiful with your hair are loose :)


Lydia Armstrong said...

OMG girl, those blinds... I love the pop of red coming through your hair.

Leslie Quiros said...

Thos DIY earrings are lovely. I am not that much of an earring person but I have to say I would find a way to pull it off with those. Plus with the black outfit, they defintely stand out and make the statement needed! LOVE IT
Loving your blog and your style sweetie... wanna follow each other?? Following on Bloglovin alread ;)


Unknown said...

great bag, girl!



Unknown said...

You look great! Love the hint of red( great job on making them)...


Katherine said...

Love the dress! I wanted the same one but they were sold out :(

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