Friday, September 9, 2011

1. J.Crew necklace, Tucker for Target dress 

2. Forever 21 bracelets 

3.  Damn gurl, you happy

4. Milkshake

5. What, what... BALLER

6. Me with some rando man.... JK it's OBVI the BF

7. Unhealthy obsession 

8. Earrings that were made for me (aka Jewelmint) 

9. Barney's shoes bought in the Americana (RIP store) *tear

10. Hidden treasure (aka hard to find Belle by Siegerson sandals)

Guess where I am? On a train ride back from Harvard! Who doesn't love some rando instas now and then. Yah?

Last night to win a free necklace! Don't miss out: GIVEAWAY


Anonymous said...

Awe you and the bf are so lovely! Hope you have a great weekend, gotta find me some f21 bracelets, see you!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Low said...

Great & funny pictures!
Love the necklace on the first photo and the accessories from the 2nd one!

Have a nice w-end!



Lydia Armstrong said...

I like when you match your shoes to your chair. It's a good look.

Sometimes Forever 21 jewelry just blows my mind. Too cute to be that cheap.

Sabina said...

Love the Target dress on you--it really is a great piece and more versatile than you might think when seeing it on the hanger. And those Belle cutout shoes are very pretty as well.

Marie said...

The studded bracelet is HOT! I recently found an amazing studded cuff from there. Good ole F21



pretty affairs said...

those Barney shoes are beautiful!! x

t said...

Nice pics!


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