Sunday, September 11, 2011

Every time I wear my hair down the BF calls me Hagrida. For those of you who've read Harry Potter you totally understand. For those of you who haven't... check out a pick of Hagrid and it will all come together. Don't worry, I actually take his attempt at a dig joke as a compliment. I love HP. Any character I can be, I'll take it. 

3.1 Phillip Lim necklace, J. Crew dress, Abercrombie and Fitch belt, Belle by Siegerson shoes, Ray Ban sunglasses

Who's missed my poses? Raise your hand if you have! (FYI I'm actually raising my hand right now). 

Ok back to reality. This pose is called, "Hello JK Rowling you so should have created a character named Hagrida and cast me as her because I'm obsessed with your books/films and Rupert Grint" pose. Uy, that was a mouthful... but straight from the heart.

Highlights of my weekend include:

1) Renting a movie and watching it (old school style) with the BF... we even bought a tub of popcorn... awesomeness
2) Falling in love with Cambridge (a foodie's paradise) 
3) Having the most wonderful Saturday morning with the BF (omg, I'm so mushy today)!
4) Getting my nails did with a friend
5) Walking across Central Park only to realize I'm not up for such strenuous exercise
6) Running with my colleagues to catch the train at South Station only to realize I'm not up for such strenuous exercise (pretty sure I just said the same exact thing, damn I'm out of shape)
7) Shopping at Costco and Target (only a highlight for someone like me, I realize)
8) Making homemade tomato sauce and finally getting back into cooking

What is that you said? You want a free Equipment blouse? Oh, I have that for you right here: GIVEAWAY


The Procrastinator said...

I LOVE your hair down!

Anonymous said...

You've definitely got to wear your hair down more! It's gorgeous. I would have never guessed it was that long.


va said...

Honestly , you have curly hair like me which is difficult to care for . every time I try to take care of it it gets frizzy and messed up and nothing seems to work . I have tried just about everything from serums to oils , lol .

Lucija said...

You had me at the first look! Such a chic blog. And the post, ahhh, pure pleasure!
Follow each other? :)


Estelle said...

Hagrida, that's hilarious!! I would totally take it as a compliment and you definitely pull off the look :) xx


Unknown said...

lol hagrida. thats awesome, youre lucky you will NEVER go bald! i get nervous my hairline will thin from too much hair straightening lol

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Lydia Armstrong said...

I love your hair! I wish mine was that thick. Hagrid was a lucky man.

Fashion By He said...

nice outfit

come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think

Fashion by He

Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

okay as soon as this came in my email from lookbook after putting my chin up off the floor I wondered why the hell don't you wear you hair out more! Girl you hair is fab! I know it's probably easier to braid but honestly "not that you aren't beautiful" but this really does something with your face and eyes! Its like brighter or something. I love it, I love how dark and maven like it is! You should make it your business to post more with it down!! I love it!

Baby Budget Blog said...

Hahaha, you are a nut girl. You do not look like Hagrid! Your hair is fabulous! Soooo thick, I'd kill for it :)


Jerrica said...

haha I agree any HP character is a compliment. Work the look and your accessories :-)


Fashion Nostalgia

Ana Ferrandis said...

nice pics! you really have a lovely blog!

loads of kisses!!


Low said...

jajaja, I´m a huge Harry Potter´s fan, so this was a great joke!
Anyway, I really love your hair as it is!! Voluminous and great!



Anonymous said...

That bf of yours is funny, love your hair all natural like this! I get excited for Costco and Target too, kind of guilty pleasures!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Lisa said...

Haha your boyfriend sounds like a funny guy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahah aw but you are far too beautiful and stylish to be Hagrid!! Though I will soak up anything that has to do with HP as well, love me some Rupert Grint too :)

By Sara Romero said...

I love your hair! I say rock it, play with it, flip it. It's so big and full of awesome lol


Anonymous said...

Your hair is so beautiful, I love the curls. Great outfit, you accessorized it so well.

Lauren Helen said...

(I love Rupert Grint too xD )


Ariel said...

you should wear your hair down more offten, you have amzing culrs!!

TonyaHarison said...

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