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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Usually I wear this shirt around the house but it's so damn comfortable I had to wear it out one day. It makes me look borderline obese but it's not quite as bad if it's semi tucked in. You all know my love for these shorts. I think I wear them every other post, I want to say it's an issue (which maybe it is) but I love them. You can't stop me from wearing them I tell you! 

Every time we take pics now the BF screams, "Tree Pose"! So I do it, of course. I love it almost as much as he does. This time it's Tree Pose with leaves! So much better in my opinion. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Working out without a tour coming through (woohoo sweating in private, love it)
2) Making my own sandwich for lunch (Manchego cheese, tomatoes, olive oil... it was insanely delicious, exactly what I used to eat everyday in Barcelona) 
3) Grabbing Korean food from our favorite Korean restaurant in the city only to have the Maitre De recognize me and tell me that I have a good Korean accent (woot woot... this is more significant than you think, this restaurant is by 34th street and has an influx of a million and one people a day. He likes me , he really likes me!) 
4. Watching Pretty Little Liars (Duh, obsessed, obvi) 
5. Going to Marie Saeki PR to view a new line of jewelry called Rita and Zia (awesome stuff) 
6. Realizing its two more days till HP (no words can describe how excited I am) 


MF said...

you look awesome. a very nice every day look. comfy and rock i love it!!

Anonymous said...

Oversized band tees are the best to be comfy around the house, I have stolen so many from my dad, I love Van Halen like so much, Jump is always on my playlist, so empowering ha ha, love those converse!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

No said...

i love pretty little liars, too! i think the second season is way better than the first! love the tee + converse combo-- and the tree pose :)

FashionJazz said...

Love your tee! :)

Baby Budget Blog said...

Yup, looks super comfy and perfectly worn in!

Anonymous said...

Cute outfit, and I envy the Alexander Wang bag! Where did you get your hands on that gorgeous thing? I am in love with it!

Love your blog, and would really appreciate it if you could stop by mine and leave some feedback! We are very new and need help getting our feet off the ground and would really appreciate a fabulous blogger like yourself visiting our site!

Much love,
The Internet Garbage

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