Thursday, July 7, 2011

There are so many things I love about this outfit. Let's start out with the vest... guess where it's from? Alright enough with this game, it's obviously from J. Crew. I saw it on their website and it was love at first sight. Like always, I waited until it went on sale, and then I waited until there was an extra 30% off, and then I bought it! I think it's such a unique piece, I love that it's not just a trench vest but it has those subtle details that make it special, like the black outlines and black flaps. 

Ever since I saw Prada's banana prints I've been dying to wear some food. I found this skirt hidden amongst the racks of a thrift shop in Bklyn. 5 dollars is all it takes to have a buffet on your legs. It's cheaper than Subway! 

The Mary Roks are on their last leg. I love them even though they're deteriorating; they're so comfortable. However, everything about them is breaking down, I'm remotely tempted to buy another pair... they are that close to destruction. I was thinking light pink... what do you think? Probably another grey or light grey pair is the way to go. We shall see. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Making my own ice cream sundae at work only to be asked, "where's the ice cream in all those toppings"? They had reeses pieces and m&ms and oreos and whipped cream... must I go on? 
2) Deciding to work out immediately after eatting said ice cream because I wanted (needed) to watch General Hospital at 3 only to find that I became extremely nauseous half way through my workout, the gym survived unscathed, however, as the nauseousness past 
3) Watching Emma Watson and Rupert Grint make a teary eyed speech about the end of the Harry Potter series only to zoom in on them hugging/ hooking arms in the hopes that they are secretly dating 
4) Sobbing after listening to all the speeches once realizing that the end of Harry Potter is the end of a huge part of my life 


The Procrastinator said...

I love your bracelet! And I've wanted one of those cambridge satchels for SO SO long! Great outfit =)

Anonymous said...

So so true, there's so much to love on this one, still totally in love with your satchel!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries


very cute skirt

Sada said...

You are so gorgeous!!! I'm SO HAPPY I found your blog!! I love your style....that "food" skirt? Yummy! And your super-sale vest? WOWZA!! Best of all....I've been torturing myself over a Cambridge. I'm not waiting another second!!! Thank you doll for the amazing inspiration. You are too cute for words.

I am SO following you!

Dressology HQ

Anonymous said...

I really like that trench :)


ATW said...

your bag rocks !

Natalie Leung said...

lovely bag, and vest! you've got such a nice blog!


Baby Budget Blog said...

It really is a cool vest! And waiting for an extra 30% is always the way to go with JCrew :) Cute shoes too!!

Ravenna Moreira said...


Allie said...

LOVING your shoes!


Allie said...

LOVING your shoes!


Erica Wark said...

Love the bright bag and the J Crew vest!


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