I'm All Patriotic and Shiz

Sunday, July 3, 2011

This outfit is very Fourth of July. I'm on the verge of wearing a full out flag here. Gotta love this sweater. I bought it years ago in Barcelona in the men's section of Bershka. My guy friends could not get over that I would literally shop with them (in the same section). You know what, sometimes I like my things with a little extra bagginess ok? 

I don't know what I'm doing in these next two pictures. Something tells me that in the last one I'm yelling at the BF. The hand gestures and open mouth (the whole mid scream look I've got going on) lead me to believe I was mad. Who knows though, maybe I was doing a new dance. 

Bershka sweater, Longchamp bag, Zara shoes, Current Elliot shorts, Ray Ban sunglasses 

So something really cool happened. I turned ordinary Forever 21 shoes into Prada-esque platforms. By saying "I did this" I mean I took it to this awesome shoe guy in St. Marks, Boris, and he put platforms on for me. I'm very happy with the end result. Particularly the bottom part with the ridges. Awesomeness. I can't wait to wear these babies with my bell bottom jeans. 

These also scream patriotism. I mean look at the blue and white wedges. I'm a walking American flag in this post. 

I'm a little slow and did not take a before and after picture. All you're seeing is the after. Just imagine that the rafia ended about where the white platform ends. This man is amazing and sawed off some of the rafia and put on platform instead. He's great. He also does studding. I'm debating on whether or not to take some Target loafers in to get studded Mui Mui-esque. We shall see. 

Happy Fourth of July!!!


Ashley said...

do u buy ur current elliot jeans online. cause i love their style but im scared to get jeans online


Karena said...

Gaby, you are amazing...there is no way I could wear those without totally topping right over!

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Anonymous said...

FRECKING AMAZING! What you had done to those shoes is awesome. Good call. Haha, you're more patriotic than me.

Kotryna said...

OMG i love those shoes;)

Anonymous said...

Flag meets leopard fantastic! Can't wait to see you wearing those wedges! Happy flag day!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Rock 'n Style said...

I love the trend stripes + denim + leopard print and you totally rock it!

You are more than welcome, thank you for taking the time to comment back and for taking stopping by in general, I really appreciate it!!

I'd love to hear from you again!


Rock 'n Style

Unknown said...

those shorts fit you amazing and i love the striped top with em!

<3 steffy
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Shasie said...

Love your casual look for the 4th

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tessa said...

haha love it! and those shoe sorta DIYs you did.. amazing!


Lauren said...

OMG. Love the wedges - way to go the extra mile with your cobbler to get something even more AMAZING.

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Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

Woah....girly you had me fooled with the DIY Prada's I brought some when in Rome. i got the Colorblock Wedges, without the espedrile stuff on it. I love them, but If i had ever thought lemme take a pait of shoes and do this, girl.... These are amazing seriously and my jaw is on the ground. I have to feature these on my Blog! I hope you don't mind and I will provide you with trackbacks and everything.

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