Jumper or Romper?

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Back to my old format, just for a little bit... (I think you all will live). I'm heading home soon from a wonderful weekend in the Hamps and I wanted to post before it got too late and I was too exhausted. I bought this romper last summer, and although it's a little short for my liking, I still love it. I wanted to try and mix it up a bit by incorporating different layers. I think the striped tee and denim vest add a really nice dimension to the outfit. It breaks up the uniform color of the romper. Remember this bag? I wore it as a clutch a couple of posts ago. It's so versatile it even has a strap to make carrying it easier! Brilliant. 

J. Crew vest, J. Crew shirt, Karen Walker sunglasses, Madewell romper, Mango bag, Steven shoes 

Highlights of my weekend include: 

1) Spending time with family and friends that feel like family
2) Eating delicious food
3) Finishing off both a blueberry pie as well as a lemon cake (all by myself, I'm sweet obsessed) 
4) Swimming in an 88 degree pool 
5) Going to the beach
6) Getting tickets to a special Harry Potter event in Orlando, Florida for Nov.!!!  I didn't want to jinx it before, because there was limited space, but that is what my friend and I are doing in Florida. I'm such a dork, but I really don't care... I'm too excited. It's going to be so amazing, I just can't get over it. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! 


Friday, July 29, 2011

You know what I love? I love when people post how glamorous they look at the airport (or traveling using any means of transportation). I mean, come on, really? You look that good and composed when you travel? Why are you wearing heels to go on a six hour flight? I have to admit, I've tried to look all dolled up while walking through Penn Station and by my second step in there I'm sweating and cursing that I didn't wear something more comfortable. Here's my solution people... be practical and ugly. That's really where it's at. I mean, you can't get more simple than a denim blouse, denim cut offs, and Havaianas. The definition of simplicity. 

Madewell blouse, Abercrombie shorts, Handbag from Peru, Havaiana sandals 

This is called the, "Hey check out my awesome backpack picked up at a market in Cusco, Peru" pose. Original, right? 

The BF's acquiring quite a talent for this photography thing. Or maybe the new lens plus automatic focus is finally working. Either way, SCORE. 

Highlights Cons of my day include: 

1) Traveling for four hours 
2) Not getting my McFlurry
3) Listening to my Dad's music on blast the whole car ride out to the Hamptons... I swear at one point we listened to snake charmer music
4) Arriving to our house at a whopping 12:30am, when I haven't gone to sleep past 11:30pm in a year (I'm exhausted, and yes I'm a grandma) 

P.S. How do we feel about this newish layout (the changes are very minimal). No more black border, fewer pics and more words interspersed throughout... thoughts? 

My Closet in Sketches... Part 2

Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's funny how blogging works; you meet great friends who are so interesting and talented. With that begin said, check out this INCREDIBLE sketch that Lauren from My Closet in Sketches did. Her talent is just incredible. Thanks Lauren for this wonderful drawing! Head on over to her site to check it out. 

Below are some instagrams from my phone, and by instagrams, I mean mostly foodie pics. 

1. Incredibly delicious hot dog from the Flea Market in Bklyn. It had potato chips crushed on top. I mean, really? Does it get better than that?

3. I pass by this graffiti everyday, and although I don't necessarily believe it, (my personal love story with the BF is great) just had to show it. Somehow it's oddly artistic (in a broody, I just got dumped, sort of way). 

4. A freakin' cupcake from the Flea Market with bacon on it. That's right BACON. Need I say more? Yes I do actually, it's juicy bacon on a sweet, delicious cupcake.... absolutely brilliant. 

5. OBSESSED with Jewelmint. Not only is the jewelry baller... it's 29.99 per piece. Oh yea, it also comes in the best packaging ever. Thanks Kate (obviously I know her so well that we're on a first name basis). 

6. My lunch today... a delicious cone from the Ice Cream Man. Don't forget to check out the sprinkles on my hand. It's ok.... I ate those too.

Highlights of my day include: 

1) The most wonderful girls night ever 
2) Eating Peruvian food again
3) Playing with a yo-yo for the first time in years and realizing I had forgotten how to do it (uy)
4) Having my friend tell the absolute funniest story over dinner (hand motions, voices and all)

Outfit #3

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I loved this sweatshirt since they put it in the J. Crew spring lookbook months ago. They had actually advertised a blue color (which I was dying for) but this electric orange was the only one they had in the store. It's such a unique color, I adore it. It's quite comfortable as well (obviously it's a sweatshirt, I'm smart).

I searched high and low for this necklace. I saw it on J. Crew.com and waited for it to go on super sale. Unfortunately, it sold out online. Do not fret, J. Crew has the most amazing customer service and they're representatives helped me find it in a store. They had it shipped out asap. It was originally $118.00.... I got it for $20.00. I kid you not. Needless to say, I was ecstatic. 

J. Crew necklace, J. Crew sweatshirt, Comptoir des Cotonniers shorts, Steven boots, Mango clutch

This last pose is called, "I'm trying to look sexy while scratching another mosquito bite" pose. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) A wonderfully fun family dinner where we ordered a massive amount of food to the point that the waiters at the restaurant were actually laughing at us (we had Korean bbq at the BF and I's favorite restaurant, it was amazing)
2) Knowing that when one great thing ends an even more wonderful thing begins. I had to say goodbye to HP but I'm now welcoming a new member to my extended family. I honestly could not be more excited and happy for my cousin. Love you Ra-Ra. 

Outfit #2

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I told you I was obsessed with these Calypso blouses. Here is the pale pink one again! 

Speaking of obsession, these boots are the new love of my life. I can't get over the fact that they're *Steven. The search for inexpensive Isabel Marant look-a-likes is finally over. Hurrah! 

*This an amendment to my post from Sunday evening, they are Steven boots, NOT Steve Madden. 

I know all of you are going to have a conniption and say, "Omg, your hair is down"! I'm actually shocked myself at how decent it looks in these photographs (definitely some of my favorites ever posted on this blog). Don't be fooled; my hair is never like this. That's why I wear it up at all times. I hope and pray that I can pull off the hair-down look another day... it won't be soon though. Unfortunately, the humidity in NY does not go well with my fro. 

I also want to try and mix up the blog a bit. Any suggestions? My friend Steffy (of Steffy's Pros and Cons) suggested eliminating the black border around my photographs. Any further thoughts? Are the photographs too big? This is your opportunity to rant people, run with it. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Having a laugh talking to my friend about how she snuck rescued kittens into her house, against her mom's wishes. I was literally laughing out loud at work. I do have to say, the kittens are adorable and I'm not even a cat person (sorry if that upset any cat lovers out there).
2) My mama pre-ordering a limited edition Harry Potter book on how they made the books into movies (yay, go Barbs, you da bomb) 
3) Beginning to arrange an amazing trip with my friend (the one talked about in highlight #1) to Orlando in Nov. (more details to follow... I can't wait)! 
4) Finding out that my favorite spot to eat by my job (a little cafe literally named Cafe Cafe) actually delivers! I couldn't believe it. Totally the highlight of my day.
5) Believing that Tom Felton took my advice on twitter (ok, I'm pretty sure he did. I tweeted to him to call the help service about his issues with Microsoft Word, he was going to look it up online instead. Several minutes later he said he was waiting on the phone with them. OMG, he totally listened to me, come on you all know it...amazingness)

Outfit #1

Monday, July 25, 2011

I have this small issue with picking out what photos I want to use for the blog. You know what that means? You get the whole package. I promise, in the sort of near future, I'll be better with this.

The Calypso top I'm wearing above is my go to item in the summer. I have the shirt in two colors. I actually wore my ivory one so much that my mom voluntarily bought me another one (that's when you know it's serious). The blouses are very light weight and go great over bathing suits for the beach. I just can't get enough. 

The boots I got from Target. I was inspired by the blog Could I Have That. I think I paid around 20 dollars for them... they're now a whopping 12 dollars. They are SO comfortable. Not a huge fan of how pointy they are but they're still awesome. Get them super cheap while you still can! 

This last pose is called, "I'm itchy because a mosquito bit me" pose. It's so realistic because it ACTUALLY happened. Those damn mosquitos in East Hampton are viscous. They just love the smell of my hair products. 

Highlights of my day include: 

1) Finding out that Taylor Tomasi Hill will be the new creative director for Siegerson Morrison (exciting shiz)! 

P.S. there's also going to be a reported price cut of 30% on both Sigerson shoes and Belle by Siegerson shoes... woot woot 

2) The air conditioning working in my building... unfortunately it wasn't a sauna out today so I was constantly freezing. Working out like crazy was actually a welcome change seeing as it warmed me up a bit 
3) Taping Next Food Network Star last night so I could watch it today (yay, DVR is AMAZING)

I'm sorry my highlights can't be more lengthy today... what can I say, some days are just more eventful than others.  
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