Monday, April 4, 2011

This sweater I purchased in the mountains of Peru (legit, actually in the mountains). My mom had heard of this Alpaca factory that churned out sweaters in all sizes and colors. Of course we had to visit. We took some rickety bus up a mountain just to get to it. I bought this grandpa sweater (and by I bought I mean mama bought, this was years ago I swear) as well as the one I posted in one of my first posts, here. I absolutely love the color of this sweater and the fact that it's huge on me is a big plus... it makes it quite comfortable. 

The shoes I received for my 21st birthday. Every year, for my birthday and Christmas, I make a detailed list for my mom of what I want. I had listed a pair of ballet flats, expecting some from Steve Madden. Instead, my parents took me to Ferragamo as a surprise. It was a dream. My mom's rationalization for this expense was that I'd have them forever. True dat mom, I like your thinking. 

Peruvian sweater, Kain t-shirt, Tolani scarf, J. Brand jeggings, Ferragamo shoes 

Damn I look sexy. My BF is so lucky to have me. 
In the next couple of days I have some projects I will be debuting on the site. Keep looking for some new and exciting things! I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday and that Tuesday is even better. 


P.S. I updated my About Me page. Check it out for all the lovely information you never wanted to know about me (hehe). If you have any more questions feel free to leave me a comment or shoot me an email (fashionablecollections@gmail.com) and I will be sure to answer as soon as possible! 


Endlessly Chic said...

I love your scarf! Purple looks great on you!

Unknown said...

love the purple sweater, and the scarf is fab!

<3 steffy
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Harris said...

You look so beautiful in that color purple, it suits you perfectly.

Sarah said...

Cute blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


INCI said...

cool blog, please follow mine.


Jardin de la Mode said...

Gorgeous! I love this purple cardigan, it looks awesome on you!

THE said...

The purple is goooood! Love you smiling, great outfit!

xo www.thefashionguitar.com

Rianna said...

Love the scarf, it makes the outfit
Rianna xxxxx

Linda-Mari said...

Purple is such a great colour!

Amanda said...

a Peruvian Alpaca purple sweater....LOVE IT. looks great on you :) xx


Lydz xX said...

love that sweater and the color is just perfect

Lydz xX

Dubravka Gadžurić said...

Great flats and scarf!

Julie and Lauren said...

Your scarf is great- perfect Spring accessory!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic outfit! really like the purple on you!
tnx for visiting my blog, x A.

StyleIDnet said...

Love the purple sweater ... the scarf is perfect for it .... the flats are an amazing upgrade, beautiful! what a nice surprise.


Anonymous said...

Curious about those projects, already wondering! Love the sweater the color is gorge, and it has a whole story, being from Peru I bet is very cozy, cute touch with the scarf!, hope you have a lovely weekend too!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

Anonymous said...

Seriously gorgeous color on you! great blog...following you on twitter now!

<3 Megan
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vivalablonda said...

Great color! thank you so much for stopping by, I'm glad you did becuase your blog is amazing I love how you mix the fashion and food, I love food too and I hope you could share w us the recipe about the asparagus and edamame risotto in one of your previews post hehe... I'm the number 180 follower haha!


shishiwaldorf said...

Beautiful scarf!!


Unknown said...

nice blog...


Vera said...

cute shoes! xx

bridget anne said...

I love your blog! It has such a neat concept/organization. And of course I'll follow you -- thanks for following as well : ] Cheers!


Your comments are always so great and supportive. I just wanted to say hello & thank you! :)

I love the way you can work the sleek ponytail. So chic. Wish I could. Great purple knit. It's one of my favorite colors.

Love the blog!


Cam said...

the purple sweater fits perfectly to your nature ;)

maggeygrace said...

Your scarf is so unique and beautiful! I am loving the purple, too. You can never ever go wrong with wearing purple! It looks perfect on you. I love it!

The Hue Smiles said...

thank you for the comment, lovely blog
im a follower!
Forever Chic,

galatea. said...

looking good as always xx

Nikolas said...

Nice :-)

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

your blog is so cute..
if you want you'll be my follower.:)

Mulika Harnett said...

I like to think I can wear purple but I genuinely can't! Shoes, yes, but not on my body. It is a beautiful colour on you.

I stopped by to inform you that I have awarded you a Stylish Blogger Award for being such an OUTREACHING & SUPPORTIVE blogger. Congratulations! Hope you accept it happily and pay it forward gladly.

I will provide a direct link to the post including instructions!

Mulika x

Anonymous said...

you've got a great blog!
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Federico Panarello said...

so cute photos and shoes!!!

Ms.Fashionista said...

I love your cute flats and J Brands! They are legit the comfiest thing ever.

Check out my new giveaway too!



Anonymous said...

Love the color

dotie said...

it was definitely worth the journey up that mountains...the color is just fabulous :)

eclectic du jour

Unknown said...

Love your blog! I’m following via bloglovin, if you get a chance hit me back☺

Jessica said...

I love the purple and the scarf. Very pretty. You look amazing.

P.S. We are having a giveaway over on my blog. I hope you can jump over and enter.


GoodFrameofMind said...

I love this purple cardigan, so pretty!!

Meggstatus said...

You look so amazing in purple and that scarf is beautiful!

Señorita said...

Love the color of the sweater... Very cool!!


AdelGomez said...

chama' esta fotos me encanta' pero que bella ♥


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Lovely shoes! My mom likes to justify things with the "having them forever" excuse too. ; )

MelissaMichelle said...

Great blog. Just found it and you seem just lovely! -melissa

Catherine said...

love this purple outfit! the scarf is beautiful xxx

Plami said...

I love this purple vest the color is amazing!!! THe scarf is very beautiful as well



AlbeeLucky said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. So glad you did because now I'm a fan of yours. You have great outfit posts, and I love the recipes (that I diffidently have to try some time). Now I'm following :)

TonyaHarison said...

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