Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another one of my surprises... a Shopbop giveaway! I'm so excited to announce my first giveaway that's in collaboration with Shopbop. They've offered to giveaway a $100 gift card to one of my readers. I'm so excited about this (and jealous myself seeing as I shop at Shopbop frequently). They have some amazing things. Some of my favorites are located in the Jenni Kayne section. She has some amazing tan wedges that would give Aldo's new Julian Louie collaboration a run for their money. And don't judge but I'm loving the Shopbop Wedding  Boutique as well. I know... totally out of the blue (and no the BF and I are not getting married anytime soon, this isn't Teen Mom people!) but some of the dresses you could totally wear out in the summer. Check out this gorgeous Shoshanna one here. The gift card is good for anything on their entire website, even the on sale at Shopbop section (definitely one of my favorite areas of the site). And don't forget to check out this incredible new designer I just discovered at Shopbop, Jen Kao. She has some incredible pieces! 

This giveaway is an opportunity you should not pass up! To enter all you have to do is follow me via Bloglovin and leave a comment with your name, email address and statement that you followed! I will be closing the competition on April 20th.  This giveaway is open to all readers across the globe! I will be calculating the winner using a random number generator.

For some more Shopbop inspiration look below: 

In case you've been too mesmerized by the lovely necklace above, here are the rules one more time: 

To enter all you have to do is follow me via Bloglovin and leave a comment with your name, email address and statement that you followed! I will be closing the competition on April 20th.  This giveaway is open to all readers across the globe! I will be calculating the winner using a random number generator.

Good Luck!! 



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danielle said...

this whole post is blowing my mind: first, i wrote about jen kao's crazy ass peacock nails in the beginning of march. love her clothes. loved the nails. secondly, i wrote about adia kibur's jewelry in february before i knew about your blog (never saw your vday post!). your boyfriend is one seriously smart dude and i'm impressed he picked that necklace out. i've got some of her rings and think she's the most divine and reasonably priced jewelry designer out there. and i don't need to say how much i LOVE shopbop- just got some stuff tonight because they tempted me yet again with their "new to sale" stuff. lastly, vince vince vince- one of my favorite basic brands. i don't think i could've agreed with you more on everything you wrote in this post! :) GREAT JOB!

Sam said...

The necklace is gorgeoussssss! I am following :)
Sam Acker

Lisa said...

i'm following on bloglovin' :)


uhooi said...

nice blog,,,,

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TRAX Fashion Magazine said...

I'm following on bloglovin via trendyleopard.

Emily Anne

Kaylie said...

I followed you on blog lovin’

(Tran Nguyen)


Anonymous said...

following on bloglovin :-) fab giveaway!

<3 Megan

Faith J. said...

Hi Gaby, I am a new follower on Bloglovin. I love Shopbop and am crossing my fingers. Good luck all.

-Zealous Blonde
fashionkitten03 (at) hotmail (dot) com

anaivecloset said...

Follow you via bloglovin'!

StyleIDnet said...

I am a fan of Shopbop. Is one of those stores that I love one item after the other .... Like that beautiful necklace.
Their shoes, tops and right now I am dying for a romper.... Following you via bloglovin :)

Unknown said...

Blogloved ;)


n o e l e e n _ a (no spaces)

Anonymous said...

Yay so happy it's international! Keeping my fingers crossed, I follow via bloglovin, you know that right? ... Shopbop is amazing!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

msfashionplates said...

following!..great fingers are crossed.

Subversive Lulú said...

I'm following u via bloglovin!, The giveaway is amazing!.

P.S. LOve your blog!

Veronika Novotny said...

Hello hun, fabulous giveaway and I adore that necklace. Alrighty, following via bloglovin & google connect. Email address is: veronikanovotny(at) Have a lovely Thursday. xx veronika

Jamie said...

I am following you on bloglovin, and Shopbop is one of my fave online shops ;)

Jamie @

Fashion Agony said...

Wow, I'm in love with shopping at Shopbop!
Crossing my fingers to win :)
(I'm Bloglovin you :D)


Santina said...

That necklace is amazing - lucky you!

Amazing giveaway! I'm following via Bloglovin.


Harris said...

Following you now on Bloglovin'!

harris dot cabrera at gmail dot com

Andrea Teira Calderón. said...

I follow you're blog both by bloglovin and Google Friend Connect

Mi name is Andrea Teira Calderón and my email is

maybe you can follow me back at

Anonymous said...

Oh wow this would be so awesome to win! I follow on Bloglovin. Thanks!

amber at scarlets-letter dot net

Tanvi said...

Following you via Bloglovin; :)

Click here to Win a Dress
♡ from ©

Andrea said...

great blog!

Anonymous said...

love the color of that necklace! followed!

Unknown said...

i obviously follow {duh!) and would love to win (duh!) so count me in!

<3 steffy
Steffys Pros and Cons

Chaotic Grasshopper said...

I'm following via Bloglovin' ^-^

Alana Eklund

THE said...

I was already following you :D

LOVE THE NECKLACE, such an amazing color. Is it really so neon?


Baby Budget Blog said...

Oh yes! Would love this!! Already following on Google Friend and Bloglovin!!!


Brittany said...

oh this giveaway is SO GREAT! thanks for letting me know about it on my blog!! i need to go shopping! :)

Hanna said...

loveee this give-away! Hope I win :D

Hanna van Holsteijn

Brittany said...

and i just followed you on bloglovin! yay

Vanesa said...

I,m following!
Nice look!


Yevgeniya Yelkina said...

following :) thanks so much for letting me know about this! xoo


The fashion building / DIY said...

I am following you by bloglovin! GREAT giveaway!
The fashion building -

Jessica said...

I am following by bloglovin. Please enter me.


nicole said...

I follow you now! Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

Denissa Hady said...

am following you, not because of the giveaway but because this is an awesome blog

ATW said...

thank you so much :) i love your blog & i'm following .. mind following back?? :)

thank you so much for giving us such a great givaway chance :)
xxx love

diptea said...

My name is Deepti and I am so loving your giveaway! Following you on bloglovin'.

m.fay said...

oh, pick me!!!

love your blog, happy you stopped by mine.


Tri▲ngle said...

I follow you on Bkoglovin and GFC
i hope to win!!!!
good luck!

Beatrice Vita

J.P. Archie said...

I love ShopBop! Great giveaway! I am already following you on bloglovin. Love your blog also!

Jennifer Archie (follow me)

Lola`s clothes said...

Beautiful shoes!

Michele said...

This is nice, thanks for alerting me haha! I will follow you;) my email adres is

Unknown said...

count me in. Following via bloglovin'


(i have a give away also in my blog)

Mary Lane said...

I'm following! I LOVE shopbop!

- Mary Lane (

This chick's got style said...

I did the same thing once! Such a nice online store right!
Count me in! :)

Sasha said...

Love the boots and necklace!!
I am following you on Bloglovin'!

Thanks for the sweet comment!


NATIVE FOX said...

OBSESSED with SHOPBOP! The winner is a lucky duck! xo

fashion provocateur said...

WOW this is so exciting i m following you with bloglovn' maybe you can follow me back as well!!

great give away!!
xx fashion provocateur.

Sara said...

The clogs are awesome. Following you with blogloving.

My email: saraescuderosainz @ gmail . com

Sara escudero sainz

Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Totally following you with Bloglovin'!

Bad Joan said...

Love your blog and the way you mix in a variety of things to get your inspiration!

Unknown said...

I'm following on Bloglovin, great giveaway!


By Sara Romero said...

ahh this giveaway rules! Im following on bloglovin cutie :)



Monse Fuentes said...

I am following on Bloglovin!
XX, Monse F.-

Margaret said...

thanks for the sweet comments! and for the heads up on this, gorgeous girl. :) following on bloglovin' and

Unknown said...

ooo! i love shopbop!!

and i'm following ya! :)

take care love!

Lauren Helen said...

Wow, thanks for the giveaway!

Lauren Helen
I'm following you on Bloglovin'!

Anawesometravelguide said...

great necklace and well done with shopbop!

if you like vintage clothing please come check out our new pieces on our website:

and follow our new blog on bloglovin' for 20% off your first order:


Anonymous said...

love it
youve got a great blog, keep it up!
and come visit COSMICaroline to see the ongoing, 4-part, in-depth look at Nashville Fashion Week!


Hello Katey said...


Katey Dutton

JYK said...

I'm following :)


Monique said...

Shopbop is AMAZING!! I love that sweater you are wearing here!!

Monique xx

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi I followed you on Blogloving!

Probably not a good idea for me to know about another online store!EEk, my credit card!!

Talitha Goodwin

Frankie Sunshine said...

Love it lovely lady!
Count me in x

Lynn said...

Awh thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! :) And Ofcourse i'll enter your give away, I've allready followed you and on bloglovin too. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great give away,
I'm following you on bloglovin and google friend connect now,
looking forward to check out your blog again!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I followed =)

♥ Gina
gina @

Yoshi said...

Followed. The necklace looks yummy.

yy.amadeus [a]

noone said...

oh wow $100 shopbop giveaway is AWESOME! I'm following and I hope I win! julie_lan (at) hotmail (dot) com

ceci nest pas une fille said...

dedicated reader, following on bloglovin'!
Shopbop is one of my favoriteeeee sites, I'm totally with you about Jenni Kaynr. Also love all of their alex wang and I die over some Jeffrey Campbell and Golden Goose boots. Hope I win, I just compiled a new wishlist Wednesday!

Chelsea Moore
cqmoore (at)

amy b.s. said...

this is such a great giveaway! following and happy i am.

Vic said...

I'm following!

Unknown said...

Follow you by Bloglovin... Love the necklace


TheMinx said...

following on bloglovin!


Melissa said...

following u!


cc said...

followed on bloglovin!

celiasky at

Jennifer S. said...

Now following you! I will keep my fingers crossed that I win!


Terezsia said...

Hi,I'm following your blog on bloglovin and Google Friend Connect:)


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm following you on Blogloving'


lipoooo said...

so great ;)

Unknown said...

Love the boots! and what a sweet gift! NOW following on Bloglovin! :)


Sister said...

0ohh... I am Biglovin' this blog!


Anonymous said...

Hi, i watched your earlier outfits and i want to tell you that your makeup isn't perfect for you.

The Queen of Hearts said...

What an amazing opportunity!


Anonymous said...

Following you via Bloglovin!

Emily said...

how amazing!!! love reading your blog.. some incredible outfit inspiration :) following on b-lovin and GFC!

Tracy said...

Beautiful boots!!

Unknown said...

Wow, that's such an amazing giveaway! I've definitely entered and followed you via Bloglovin', can't wait!
Lubna | elle VOX

MAE said...

Hi! I just followed your blog! my name is Mae & my email is (:

Unknown said...

Great Blog! I'm so glad I stumbled onto it. Thanks for the amazing give-a-way. I am not following you on blogluvin.

Check out my blog, when you have a chance...

❤ Lisa Ann

KadriLiis said...

Cool giveaway!

I'm Kadri-Liis (from a little country Estonia, which is in Europe) and I'm really happy, that the giveaway is open to international readers. I am also following you on Bloglovin :)

Laura said...

Hi! You just got a new follower! I'm Laura,
Great blog, please stop by mine when you can :)


Reckless Rekha. said...

Amazing shoes <3

Terrie Mathison said...

Hi! I am Terrie. Just started following your blog. Found you from Kendi Everday.

Michelle Schraudner said...

I'm a bloglovin' follower. :)


GorJess Fashion For Less said...

This is amazing! I follow on bloglovin! gorjessfashionforless@yahoo dot com


Nicole said...

I'm following your blog now! Shopbop is one of my favourite sites, I waste a lot of time on it. :)


beau&lindee said...

following.. now:)


Ms.Fashionista said...

I would LOVE to win this gift card!!! Am following you via Bloglovin!

Alexa, following you on Bloglovin',


m said...

Hello! I am a new follower via bloglovin' haha, LOVING it to say the least :)

Monet Grace Tombides

christine donee said...

This is amazing! SO excited...

I'm following, btw.


WriterInTheRun. said...

Laura Rodriguez
I'm following you in Bloglovin

Marie-Eve said...

I'm a follower !!!
Marie-Eve from

PM said...

i'm following!!

Lexi said...

This is such an amazing giveaway! How on earth did you get such an awesome hook-up!?

Also, I'm following you!

Shopbop is my absolute fave.

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

Anne-Marie T said...

I am following you on bloglovin

Please count me in !


alexis said...

i (think i correctly) follow you on bloglovin'
Alexis ! i wanna enter!

Monica said...

ah i love your blog, thank you for the comments on mine .. i am totally following you ( i would even without the contest, this blog is awesome)
and please consider following my blog..


Monica Ruth

Wynne Prasetyo said...

wishing everyone luck on the giveaway! :D

Oh my Dior! said...

I insist I want those boots!!

FashionSugarBubbles said...

great giveaway!

Brooke said...

Thank you for your kind comments on my blog, always appreciated.

Fingers crossed for me on this one, would be amazing to win! hehe

renewvintage is giving away

caramellitsa said...

i followed you both on google account and bloglovin your blog is soo nice!!
my blog is
and my e mail
this is a great giveaway!!

Daria said...

amazing giveaway!!!


following with bloglovin)

ColorHater said...

I'm following too ! :)

Esther Mädchen said...

now i'm following u!
ur boots r amazing, also like ur outfit
esther chica

Yonosoyunaitgirl said...

I want to win!!!

Nick: Yonosoyunaitgirl

Cátia said...

Hi dear, thank you for noticing me about this amazing giveaway. This would be my birthday gift aha :)

I'm following!

Jamie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi there~ :>
thanks so much for commenting at my blog. I'm really greatful. I like your blog so I'll be following you. Such a cool give away. I didn't know about that site before but I can see that I was missing out a lot ^^

Dung huynh

The Adventures of a Shopaholic said...

your blog is so cute and amazing!!
if you want you'll be my follower:)

Fenny Wong said...

Hey, it's nice of you to drop the comments on my blog. :) I'm joining the giveaway:
Name: Fenny Wong
And I've followed you on Bloglovin'! :)

Francesca said...

I was already following you :)


pearlslaceandruffles said...

Wow, what a great/generous giveaway! xo

verotronik said...

I follow u on bloglovin
great giveaway

veronica evgenidou

samecookiesdifferent said...

this bright yellow neon colored necklace is stunning! omg :)
xx the cookies
visit us dear
share the feeling

disco in moscow said...

gorgerous necklace, thanks for this amazing opportunity!
I follow your blog on GFC and bloglovin':)

my name - Weronika Świdnicka
my email -
my bloglovin' account - Disco in Moscow


Melissa said...

Melissa J. Wright

Amanda said...

Awesome giveaway!! Following you on bloglovin :)


Miy said...

totally love that neon necklace!!

The Picnic Girl

Hannah Kimmerle said...

following via bloglovin!

hannah kimmerle

Jardin de la Mode said...

Amazing! I already followed you dear!
Love your outfit!

Mrs Vintage said...

Thanks for yr comments in my blog!!

And love this giveaway, in HK, I have few experience shopping in shopbop, love XD

I adore that necklace. Have followed you via bloglovin & google connect. Email address is:

Btw, will you follow my blog??

YinGSaran said...

love the boot!

Camille said...

what an awesome boot! beautiful!

FashionJazz said...

These are stunning! I am now following you :)

Meggstatus said...

Following :)

Kaitlyn McCall Pieri said...


Kaitlyn McCall

Anonymous said...

I guess im the 142nd person to follow you via blog loving ! Ur blog is really awesome.
my mail is

Olivia said...

Ooo those shoes are yummy! :) x

sara l said...

thanks for your sweet comment and letting me know about this lovely giveaway! def entering! followed you on bloglovin!xx

name: Sara Lehtomaa

bravegrrl said...

following via bloglovin!!!

great giveaway!


Analisa said...

Ahhh count me in! Following you on Bloglovin' :)


Unknown said...

Runaway, Runaway, Runaway, I will follow!

Unknown said...

I'm following on bloglovin' :)


Miranda said...

I'm following on bloglovin!!!
i love shopbop to death.

Raecine said...

I am following you now! I actually had no idea this blog existed until today ... eepp

my email addy is

Oh and i LOVE Shopbop actually! Im from Jamaica so you will understand my excitement that this is available across the globe :D

I hope the random generator chooses me lol

Erin Girard said...

I looove the neon necklace and I'm officially a bloglovin' follower!

Dolce Gabanka said...

wow, wow! Amazing blog, you are very intersting person :)

Anonymous said...

I'm following you on bloglovin!


Unknown said...

Im'a followin on bloglovin!

and lovin that necklace! lucky girl!


Styles, Trends and Shoes said...

great!I love it ♥!!

Catherine said...


Anonymous said...

Please! Fingers crossed. I'm in love with that necklace.

KelseyA said...

I'm now following on Bloglovin'! I just recently discovered your blog and I love it so far (especially this awesome giveaway :P )!!


fashioneggpplant said...

enter me please

following thru gfc and bloglovin'


A said...

just discovered your blog and I'm following :D


Anonymous said...

Following you on bloglovin.

Ria Michelle

NATALIA. said...

I'm following you now!
My name is Natalia, and my email address is
Fingers crossed :)

Anonymous said...

I'm following on bloglovin.

Name: Kasey Kirven

Marta Muñoz Ramal said...

Follow you via bloglovin!! :)


Megan Hattie said...

Oooh that necklace! Count me in! I am following on bloglovin'! My name is Megan and my email address is


Anonymous said...

Great giveaway :) I follow you on bloglovin!
<3 Becky

Style-Pursuit said...

I'm following! :o)


jae said...

following you on blog lovin'!

LoveE ♥ said...

Oh how I love Shopbop! Hope I win! LOL :L

Following via bloglovin' and google connect! :)

Anonymous said...

I really love that necklace!
I follow you on blogloving and google friend connect=)

Go shoepping

Thanks for reading my blog =)

Marit said...

I'm following!
Thanks for reading my blog <3


It-Blogirls said...

Just wanted to tell you again you are incredible and I love your style

Shirin said...

I followed you on bloglovin, my name is shirin and my e-mail adress is



Anonymous said...

amazing! Thank you so much for tellin me! I followed you via bloglovin with my fashiontowear account... xo

Statement of Fashion said...

Following on blog lovin :)


Nabila Lionarons said...

Hi Gaby, you have a great blog! I have one too, you should check it out some time if you get the chance

I am following you on Bloglovin!
Nabila Lionarons

Dianna said...

hello:D this is the first time i read your blog and it s really nice!!
I am following you on Bloglovin'!
Diana Iov

Wynn said...

Loving your blog! And I'm follwing you on Bloglovin'


Sara said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!your blog is very interesting Back to see if you like

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh exciting! I followed with bloglovin

Lenka B. said...

I´m definitely following you :) Nice blog and amazing giveaway!

Evelina said...

Wow, such an amazing giveaway! I'm following you on bloglovin now. :)


Shelby said...

following on bloglovin!! thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know about this amazing giveaway, i LOVE shopbop!! <3

Meg said...

This is an amzing opportunity! Thank you for letting me know about it! :)
I'm following you on bloglovin' as Megara's Fashion Sketchbook.


Evelīna said...

I'm following you on bloglovin :)


Anaivilo said...

Hi there! Thanks for letting me know about this giveaway :D I did everything you asked, and here is my e-mail : My name is Oliviana... "Anaivilo" spelled backwards:D

Roya said...

Following on Bloglovin'. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!


M* said...

OMG!this is a fabulous giveaway!!!
I'm Miriam from Give Your Dreams to Me

I follow you on bloglovin'
hope you like my blog and follow me back :)

Mikaela said...

Following you via Bloglovin!!! What a great giveaway!!!


Alice (fa11enan9e1) said...

I'm following (with a different email than the one I'm leaving here.)

Alice C.

fa11enan9e1 at yahoo dot com

Andrea said...

following via bloglovin & google connect :)

yanu said...

I followed! :]

Your blog is simply, awesome.

lolabythesea said...


Lorien Amy Bolus

South Africa

New York Don't Leave Me said...

Hi There!
I'm following you on BlogLovin and love to enter the giveaway!


Gina A. said...

Hey there! Following now, great giveaway :D

Thanks for visiting and the nice comments too xx


Anonymous said...

ME TOOOOO!!! I'm following you on BlogLovin' Great stuff!! Got to you thru Denni @ Beautiful Strangers via Huff Post!

I never win anything, would love the chance to win -- thank you soo much!

A fan in California .....

Michelle Lee said...

Michelle -
such a great giveaway :)

Rachel McGann said...

i'm following, Rachel,

LDM said...

wow following for sure!! follow me too!

xx from hong kong
joyce lau,

Salina said...


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