A Week in Outfits

Monday, February 28, 2011

 Zara Sweater, Free People necklace, Topshop bag, J. Crew pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes 

Ahhh it's Monday again! I was able to pick up my computer this weekend from the Mac store, yay! It looks seriously brand new, they did a wonderful job. 

Below are an assortment of outfits I wore this past week. I was unable to post them because of my computer issue. Also included are some of my new purchases. However, there are more purchases that I will post tomorrow and throughout the week (I know, my vow to not shop anymore clearly did not work). Also, this week I will be doing collages of both last week's outfits as well as this week's outfits. So each post will include two different outfit sets... a little more fun I suppose! This is just a sneak preview of what is to come. 

Ray Ban sunglasses , Free People necklace, Forever 21 faux fur jacket, Zara Sweater, J. Crew pants, Topshop bag, Jeffery Campbell shoes

 Club Monaco sweater, H&M shirt, Longchamp tote, Fiona Paxton necklace, American Apparel leggings, Converse sneakers

 Topshop Scarf, Patterson J. Kincaid blouse, J. Crew belt, J Brand jeggings, Target shoes, J. Crew bag

 LF vest, J. Crew shirt, American Apparel leggings, Sam Edelman shoes

 Topshop bag, Alexa Chung for Madewell dress, French Sole shoes

 Pinkyotto shirt, Topshop bag, J Brand jeans 

There you have it, an assortment of my past week! The laptop case I treated myself to after I recieved my computer. The computer looked so brand new and gorgeous I just had to get a fabulous laptop case to match. I'm in love with this case, the pattern and the color. Oh, and inside it's lined with faux fur for extra cushioning, it's perfect! 

In more exciting news; I will officially be traveling to Florida for a week mid March. I'm so excited to visit my family and get a tan... it's going to be wonderful!

Some of the things I'm wearing I forgot the designers of... (I know bad me). I will definitely post updated lists when I re-post more pictures throughout the week. 

Tell me what was your favorite Oscar dress last night? I must say my absolute favorite was Cate Blanchet. Too bad I'm not a stick and could never pull off the dress... she looked amazing. Honorable mention would have to go to  Hailee Steinfeld and Scarlett Johansson. I also enjoyed the plethora of dresses Anne Hathaway got to wear. Overall a much better turnout than the Golden Globe dresses which were overall hideous (I'm a harsh critic, I know).

Happy Monday Everyone! 


Friday, February 25, 2011

Here are some more snapshots of my apartment/ life. The cupcake you're seeing is a Grasshopper cupcake from Crumbs... if you haven't had Crumbs yet you really haven't lived. I'm obsessed with cupcakes (it's an addiction I have to kick). To my dismay they opened one actually a block away from me. I think I'm their number one customer. 

Lots of new things to post, but won't be able to show them until I get my computer back, I can't wait! Actually, some of them have been featured already, I wonder if you can guess what they are...

Can you believe it's already Friday? Any good plans? The Oscars are this weekend which means no Brothers and Sisters *tear* I wonder who will win an oscar... Natalie Portman? (yea) Christian Bale? (yea) Melissa Leo? (yea) The award shows are fun only to a point, but when you begin to know who's going to win, it sort of takes the fun out of it. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until next Sunday when B&S comes back on. I am excited, however, to see the dresses. 

Have a good weekend! 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

These are some snapshots I took of my outfit. I used my point and shoot digital camera instead of my SLR because my boyfriend's computer can't convert RAW pictures into JPGS. This camera is actually great for detailed close ups, but it's not very good in focusing on whole figures (weird I know). 

The Dannijo bracelet I'm wearing I did a little DIY project with. It's a little messy but I sort of like it like that. I absolutely love the colors on the bracelet. This will probably be the style of my shots until I get my computer back... can't wait. I should be able to pick it up sometime early next week. I hope the fan (finally) doesn't make noise, it's so exciting. 

The Gabi ring I'm wearing I purchased in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World several years ago. There's a guy right outside of the Pirates of Caribbean ride who carves names into rings. I decided to spell my name with an "I" at the end because at the time I thought it was cooler... ah the stupidity of High School. I actually spell my name with a "Y" at the end... it was definitely not the brightest of choices, but I still love the ring. 

Don't you just love my cluttered desk with the empty graduation frame? I've been planning on putting a photo in there (since August) and haven't gotten around to it. Apartment makeover is definitely on my list of to-dos. 

The boots I am wearing are my J. Crew booties I purchased with my Christmas and Birthday money. I'm in love with them. I definitely wear them way too often but who cares I just can't get enough! 

Until tomorrow.

Alma Mater

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forever 21 faux fur jacket,  Ray Ban sunglasses, Intermix Gloves 

This long weekend I did nothing too exciting. The BF and I ate (a lot) and relaxed. I think I finally caught up on sleep that I haven't gotten in a very long time.  

Zara sweater, J. Brand jeans,Grandmother's necklace, Zara booties, and Balenciaga bag

This handbag I received for my 21st birthday. I'm seriously in love with all Balenciaga handbags. This color is great (I'm a huge fan of gray) and I love that the studs are covered in fabric as well. I need to get it spruced up a bit and will probably send it to Balenciaga to get refurbished soon. Have to keep the nice things looking nice! I purchased this sweater from Zara in the beginning of the winter. The pleather elbows sold me. It's such an interesting sweater with all the different fabrics that come into play. It's knit in the front and sweatshirt material in the back. Quite unique.

Below is a little visual diary of my long weekend. 

 I couldn't leave the Upper Westside because I've lived uptown ever since I arrived for college. I only live two stops away from my Alma Mater and often frequent the area to visit and eat. I know everything up there so well I just can't stay away! Here I am sitting by the Columbia steps... my old stomping grounds. I must say I never thought I'd miss college so much but I do! I have to go back every once and a while and just admire the campus and all its beauty. Whenever it was warm out we would swarm Columbia's campus and sit out on the lawns; enjoying the sun and having fun. I can't wait till it's warm again... you'll know where to find me. 

Here is a little snapshot of my jewels. They hang across from my bed so I wake up to them every morning. The rest of my necklaces hang in my closet... but I love how you can use jewelery as a decoration. It really adds something to the room.

The view from my balcony after the snow arrived. It wasn't much but it's quite disappointing to see after our 62 degrees the previous week... I wish it would just stay warm! 

The BF is Korean so whenever we get the chance we go out to have Korean food. This weekend was definitely a great opportunity. We went to our favorite Korean spot in the city, Kum Gang San... if you haven't been, check it out (it's a little pricey but definitely worth it). 

That is my lovely President's Day weekend. Food, food and more food... oh and sleep! It was relaxing, I must say, and I finally cleaned the apartment which was a huge feat. Unfortunately, today, I am handing in my computer to get re-vamped which means I will be without it for a week. I don't know what I'm going to do, it's been by my side for five years... I'll be so lost without it! This means that I will not have access to photoshop for quite some time and want to warn everyone that the quality of my photos will not be quite up to par for the next several days. I will be using my BF's computer to do my editing but I won't be able to do all the effects I've been doing, seeing as he doesn't have photoshop. You'll have to bear with me until I get my computer back... I'll miss it, but it's in desparate need of repair. I won't even list the things that are wrong with it, it'll scare you it's that bad. I can't wait to have a new and improved computer returned to me next week! Maybe I'll actually be able to watch videos on it again... well, a girl can dream. 

Until tomorrow. 

Wishlist: March 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Presidents Day everyone! Here is my assorted Wishlist for March 2011. Many of the things are out of my price range (aka the Mini Alexa bag) but I plan to save up to buy it. It's actually not as ridiculously priced as the larger bags (seeing as it's much smaller). I was completely inspired by J. Crew's  Spring lookbook this year, absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait for these things to come out, I'm going to be all over that website... or all over the sale once they go on it! I'm also really loving a bright pop of red for Spring as well, the Equipment blouses or Madewell blouse are definitely things I will be purchasing sometime in the future. I will need to buy one of them to brighten up my closest. The poppy and sangria colors are gorgeous and so bright for Spring, I love it. Plus you all know my love for Equipment blouses... what could be better. 

I was graciously selected to be in Fabsugar's Looks of the Week. Check out my look as well as the rest of the lovely ladies here.

Once again it is snowing in NYC. Ugh... when will it ever stop? Last week it was 62 one day... such a tease!

This weekends Brothers and Sisters, for those who saw, was pretty good. Unfortunately no Scotty, which was upsetting because I adore those Scotty/Kevin moments. I'll just have to wait until two weeks to see them again. The Joaquin storyline was funny, as was Nora's relationship with Brody... but I'd say that's about it in terms of highlights. 

For those of you who are off today... have a wonderful day off, relax and enjoy! 


Neon, Neon

Friday, February 18, 2011

 Vince sweater, J. Crew vintage cords, J. Crew shoes, Urban Outfitters beanie, Alexander Wang bag

This outfit I wore when I was working late. I wanted to be super comfortable because I was going to be out all day long. This sweater I bought on sale at Barneys when I was still in High School (ahhh so long ago now)! It's really, really comfortable and I love the fact that it closes with a pin. If you're looking to invest in a really great sweater, Vince is the line to turn to. They have the best selection. The sweaters are a little on the pricey side, but definitely worth it.

I bought these shoes for myself the second they came out online. They are my pride and joy; one of my favorite items in my closet. I had gotten many gift cards to J. Crew for my birthday and Christmas and just couldn't resist buying these beauties. They're extremely comfortable and definitely a statement.  I love the studs (obviously I'm obsessed) and the gladiator silhouette. I can't wait to break them out in the summer with a cute white dress. 

My Forever 21 things finally arrived! I ordered this jacket about a week ago (unfortunately they're sold out of this style now) because I had been dying for a faux fur. This is a cute piece, perhaps a little boxier than I would have liked, but it will definitely do until next winter when I begin my search again! I think the best thing for me to do next time is just ask for a nice fur for Christmas from my parents, or perhaps buy a great faux fur from Zara when I see it the first time! 

I bought this bracelet because it reminded me (vaguely) of the Eddie Borgo bracelet everyone's been wearing. As beautiful and amazing as the Eddie bracelets are (believe me I'm in love), I am poor so this really inexpensive substitute will have to do. Maybe one day when I become rich and famous I can afford to buy my own Eddie Borgo. A girl can dream right? For now I'll stick with my $7.80 one. Much more my price range.

Forever 21 jacket, J. Crew striped top, Madewell sweater, American Apparel skirt, Steve Madden boots, Intermix gloves and 

Balenciaga, Forever 21 , David Yurman, Tiffanys, LF

Here is a close up of my bracelets.  The new Forever 21 bracelet fits in so well with the color scheme of the others and it sparkles just a little bit. I love layering bracelets upon bracelets.

 J. Crew striped top, Madewell sweater, Adia Kibur necklace, American Apparel skirt, Steve Madden boots and Alexander Wang bag

This is one of the necklaces my BF bought me for Valentines day. I absolutely love it. The neon green color makes such a statement. You can find the necklace in neon pink here. Unfortunately, they seem to have sold out of the green.  

The past couple of days have been non eventful per usual. The most exciting news is that I've realized I'm poor and that continuously shopping is not helping anything! I ordered two necklaces from the Lauren Conrad for Kohls line yesterday (bad me I know). But honestly that is my last purchase for a while, or at least until mid March or so. I'm hoping to be planning some trips to Florida soon which I'm excited about... I need a vacation so badly. I want a tan! And I also hope to post my wish-list (which I said would be posted today but unfortunately isn't) on Monday. I just couldn't look at all the stuff I wanted but couldn't afford. Hopefully March will bring me some presents off my list. 

Have a Wonderful Weekend and Presidents Day (yay 3 day weekend).

Don't forget to tune into Brothers and Sisters on Sunday at 10pm... it's a new episode... so excited!!



Wednesday, February 16, 2011

J. Crew coat, Intermix arm warmers, Longchamp tote, Madewell jeans, J. Crew booties

I love this red coat. I bought it several years ago at J. Crew and retired it to the back of my closet at home. This year I was sifting through my old things and found it again. I'm so glad I did. Looking through old things at home, that you've forgotten about, is like going to your own personalized thrift store. I love the jacket's silhouette and its' bright coloring. I especially like that it's not too long. I'm definitely channeling the sailor look here.

 LF fur collar, Zara vest, Elizabeth and James shirt, Madewell jeans, Longchamp tote, J. Crew booties 

I have been in love with this vest since the first day I saw it in Zara a couple years ago. The second I saw studs I just knew I had to have it. The pattern is gorgeous, and because of its' neutral color I can mix and match the vest with virtually anything. 

This Elizabeth and James shirt is similar to the Equipment shirts the way it looks and feels. My mom bought it for me on sale at Intermix. It's a really great piece and I love the pattern. Silk shirts are slowly becoming a new favorite item of mine. 

Today I have to stay extra late at work so I won't be posting anything tomorrow (I prep my posts in the evening the night before). My Forever 21 things should be arriving in the mail today and I've made a wish-list, so Friday's post will be a hefty one.

Until Friday, Ciao!

Love Potion #9

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

 Madewell necklace, David Yurman chain necklace, Wildfox t-shirt, Club Monaco cardigan, LF skirt, J. Crew boots, and Longchamp tote

 I purchased this LF skirt last year at their summer sale. I got it for an incredible price. I'm really into long skirts, so this was great. The jersey material it's made out of makes it quite comfortable to wear. Like an Equipment shirt, a Longchamp tote is a necessity in any wardrobe. The bags are so great and durable. I've had mine for years now and it can hold so many things. It's great for work and especially great for traveling, I often carry mine on vacations. The long straps make it easy to carry on the shoulder, and it's wide enough to hold my Mac Book Pro which is a huge plus.

This sweater I received for Christmas from my parents. The detailed beading on it is spectacular. It's really a classic piece that I can have forever. This  Madewell necklace is something I treasure. As you can tell statement necklaces are my obsession. I love its many layers and clear tear drop like adornments. 

Putting so many pictures together in one collage reminds me of movie stills. You can see the progression of my movements in each shot.

Lastly, I purchased these new shoes from Zara yesterday. They have a small enough heel that I can actually walk in them and I'm really loving the electric blue color. I saw these about a week ago in the store, and after careful consideration, decided to go back and buy them. I've been seeing this bright blue everywhere this fashion week and decided to make the leap into blue bliss. They're suede and gorgeous, so I'm glad I made the plunge. My Forever 21 things should be arriving tomorrow which is also exciting. Clearly my wishes to curb my shopping addiction have not come true... oh well! 

 I forgot to mention that this past weekend there was a new Brothers and Sisters. It was good, especially the ending scene with Scotty and Kevin! Check it out on ABC.com. It's fun for me to spread the B&S love (please don't think me too strange). 

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