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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hey All! 

Today I woke up to find that I had been featured on fabsugar.com! It is quite an honor. 

The Storm

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The amount of snow that has been plowing through New York City is insane. I'd say we get at least one storm a week. It seems like I now live in my hunter boots. Back when I was a mere freshman at Barnard an older student's first words of advice were, "buy rain-boots you'll desperately need them in the city." I think those are definitely words to live by.

Today I am wearing hunter boots, J-Brand black jeggings, J.crew belt, Iro holey sweater top (absolutely love it, it was a gift from the BF during a summer shopping adventure), alpaca sweater from Peru (bought in an alpaca factory in the mountains of Cusco, also bought a bright purple sweater from there as well), and Balenciaga bag. Every year for my birthday my parents buy me a nice bag. I believe this purchase was for either my 19th or 20th birthday. Its become a staple in my wardrobe, it's a great neutral color and fits more than you can imagine... when I go to work I'm able to fit my 400 page book as well as my ipad comfortably.

As for my jewelry I am wearing a vintage crystal choker from my grandmother, a Nicole Miller crystal necklace bought on gilt, a Madewell crystal bracelet (as you can tell I'm crystal obsessed today) a ysl artsy ring (birthday gift from the BF), forever 21 cross ring and gifted ring from my aunt. The crystal choker is a very special piece to me. After my grandmother died my dad and I went to clean out her old house and go through her possessions. I found this necklace, as well as another, in her jewelery box. I took them, and some old family albums, to remind me of her and my grandfather. I really love its design, as silly as this may sound it makes me feel like a princess when I wear it. The silhouette reminds me of a crown.

To all my fellow New Yorkers out there, I feel your snow pain but try and enjoy it!

TTFN (ta ta for now)
- Gaby 

Inappropriate Attire

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yesterday there was a huge slush-storm out and I was wearing brand new boots from J.Crew that I used my Christmas money to purchase. The BF told me the snow wouldn't start till 5pm... and by 9:59am there was already an accumulation of a couple of inches.... blah... I ended up taking a cab home from work as I was slip sliding away, it was a nice and expensive treat. 

This past summer, the BF and I lived in East Hampton working out there and enjoying the sun. He worked at J.Crew giving me a new appreciation of their clothes. Jenna Lyon has done a wonderful job sprucing up their collections. Everything there is now fresh and beautiful. Although the prices have been raised quite a bit, their sales are absolutely wonderful, it's where I find some of my best and favorite purchases.

Yesterday I was wearing a zara sweater (purchased by my mother on her own perogative... i'm very proud i love this sweater and its interspersed holes), a plain intermix tank top (I don't even remember what the brand name is), a jcrew mongolian fur stole, topshop floor length skirt, jcrew tights (underneath the skirt) jcrew booties and a balenciaga bag. The J. Crew booties were a purchase that was a long time coming, I fell in love with them online and was stalking the website to see when they would go on sale. I received so many gift cards to J.Crew for Christmas (yay...one mention to the family that I loved J.Crew and every single relative provided me with a gift card... not bad!) that I just had to purchase them asap... unfortunately they have since gone on sale but I wear them almost every single day so the purchase was a definite success. 

Book Updates: Unfortuantely, I can't start photographing new pictures until I update my equipment, right now I'm using a normal point and shoot digital camera so I need to trek on home this weekend (to Long Island) and pick up my SLR, I also need to purchase some white background paper! Pictures will be up soon... I'm also going to grab the pictures I took of my thesis display at home hurrah

For as long as I can remember I have lived and breathed fashion. I can still picture the first outfit I wore that set me apart. It was seventh grade and I had raided my mom’s closet; to assuage my craving, she told me that down in the basement there was some jewelry from the 70s that she didn’t want any longer that I  could have. In the box I found a wooden necklace, African-esque, with various animals hanging from it. I wore it with a black top and tight black jeans. Everyone adored it; I was the coolest girl in seventh grade for a day. It was awesome. After strutting through the halls of Port Washington’s schools  I went on to Barnard College where I was exposed to a lot of smart people but very little fashion. Unfortunately there were no courses geared to an interest in fashion so I had to take matters into my own hands. I went on to intern at various places throughout my college career, specifically a store called Edit which taught me so much about style and high end designer collections. To see such fabulous pieces in person was truly a blessing. My internship at Edit, where I worked assisted the buyer and website director, is what inspired my senior thesis;  a commentary on the fashion world through photography. Because Barnard offered little fashion courses I took the next logical step and became an art history major with a concentration in visual arts. In high school I found a passion for photography that led me to eventually declare my major. My thesis incorporated both my love for photography and my love for clothes. I wanted to comment on the consumerism that envelops all of fashion. As a result I took pictures of almost every article of clothing in my closet and displayed them on a huge wall in our studio at Barnard. I also photographed my accessories and shoes compiling my shoe collection and jewelry collection into small books that were displayed alongside the mural. Originally I had wanted to make a book (a large large book) of all of my photographs but unfortunately, due to time restrictions and also technological complications, I was unable to fulfill my goal. Although the project was a success I never got to finish the book I had sought out to make.
          Now I have long since graduated and am living with my boyfriend not too far from Barnard, I just couldn’t bear to leave. Unfortunately I was unable to find a job in fashion but I plan, sometime in the future, on going back to school, eventually, to fulfill my dreams.  In the meantime, I would like to take up my journey again with my thesis and start anew. I want to accomplish what I sought out to do at the start of my thesis and compile my book. Originally it was supposed to be entitled 21, because it was going to show all the things I owned when I was 21, but alas I am now a year older and a year wiser (yea right J) and cannot name my book after a younger version of myself. Instead I want to call it Collections and go from there.

My goal for this upcoming year, 2011, along with losing weight and getting more sleep and all the other prototypical new year’s resolutions,  is to finally finish my book. This blog is dedicated to that journey as well as my own personal journey with fashion and styling. My pictures mimic a website’s scroll down menu, very minimalistic (a plain white background focusing mainly on the object itself). Each day I will try and post some progress on my book as well as pictures of myself styled in the articles of clothing I am photographing. Its amazing how in just one year I have changed my wardrobe so much. I guess it comes with finally being a grown up! I really hope I can finally set out to do what I wanted to accomplish a year ago. I hope this is a wonderful, beautiful success. 

- Gaby
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